About Us


Taking our name from the glamour days of luxury travel, Unparalleled Journeys, means

unmatched or without equal and that is what our team is all about.


In 1996, the vision and commitment to excellence of Unparalleled Journeys was

 born with the successful conception and implementation of our very first program;

an exclusive private air expedition around New Zealand. In the years since, we have

steadily expanded our scope while maintaining our core vision and commitment to

working with only the best in the industry. We love travel and all the exciting experiences

 that go with discovering a new destination. Our team is flexible, fun and creative.

They will work with you every step of the way, from the exciting process of planning your

vacation to traveling “Down Under”, then heading home withtreasured memories having

had an Unparalleled Journey. 


Tim Scott
Unparalleled Journeys

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